Art / Fashion

It is Known / Erika

  Combining the unique talents of It Is Known clothing designs, Rick Casey hair style, and the makeup artist Aliza Noelle we were able to create a variety of looks for this recent collection. Using a ethereal base for our lighting and accessories, each photo is... read more

The Infinite Hoop Skirt

      The art of creating cinemagraph’s is still a fairly new one to me. Like any artistic movement there is both technique and intention involved with putting these special type of animations together. It is not always apparent what scenes would... read more

Infinite Dancing

At the bridgeports arts Festival I wanted to see if I could me some kind of cinemagraph image, so I shot a few minutes in HD video with the camera mounted still. What we have here is more of a pseudo-cinemagraph because it loops backwards and kind of gives away the... read more

A Shoot Redone

  Every so often I go back to a shoot or a photo that I either never release or didn’t feel like I processed in a way I was happy with and refine it. As time goes on and I learn how to use the tools I have I am able to create something that interests me and... read more