Artist Statement

Christopher Scalzi

“I’m a photographer of many different styles and genres but I particularly veer towards the narrative end the visual arts. In every image I create I try to create


either a direct or implied story which can be through individual interpretation or using the medium of comics integrated with photography.

My training was primarily in film focusing on directing and cinematography and that has translated heavily into most of my work. I believe that art is a medium of communication, and I enjoy being able to express abstract thoughts or concepts through characters, scenes, photo manipulation, etc. As of right now I’m working heavily on a photographic graphic novel titled “Kicking Monday” and I have included the four main character shots from this project. I also work on “The Dan & Steve Show” creating a tri-weekly one-off comic strip using photographs and ballooning.

Besides the narrative work I also have a collection of single images that I shoot expressing different moods and themes.

As of 2011 I formally began this small artist collective Distilled Minds in order to create collaborative work under a single name. Together with artists I have recruited into Distilled Minds we have displayed work at various galleries in CT and NY.”